Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Catsup, really catch up, but it’s not my fault if people pronounce things funny.  Here is a barrage of pictures without much to say, so that I can get to other things, about which I do have something to say.

So, in no stated order:


My almost once a week Chef Salad, the Pellegrino was a treat.


Mahi Mahi Fish n Chips

Maguro, Hamachi, Submarine Roll and Tropical Roll.

Caprese Salad, still waiting for good tomatoes.
I should have had more veggies.
I love grilling season.  Yes, Oregon has a grilling season.

Black Bean and Garlic Sauce.

Pesto Pasta at the new Cafe and Taproom.
Something special for my birthday.
Ventis Surf and Turf Salad
Delicious Fish Tacos
That get's me pretty much to present.  How to make a smoker out of your gas grill coming up next.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tao of Chris

I wrote this a few days ago, but I've been thinking about almost my whole life.  It has nothing really to do with what I eat, but this seemed like a worthwhile place to save it for a while:

All I've ever really wanted to do, was play in the street. When I was a kid, I had to do chores before I could play in the street. Some times I didn't follow the rules and played in the street without doing my chores, but the consequences were undesirable, so I did my chores first.

Nothing changes, adult responsibilities are just chores you have to do before you can play in the street. Some people make these chores their life. I call that playing grown up.

It was always more fun to play in the street with others. If you knocked on their door to see if they could play and they had chores to do first, if you really liked them, you offered to help them. If they knocked on your door, and you had chores to do, you hoped that they would help you. That's what a relationship should be, people helping each other finish chores so they can play in the street together.

That's it.  It doesn't have to be any more complicated than that.

I walked in to Alcyone and said "Yes!!!" way too loud.  I say a lot of things way too loud.  The soup was French Lentil and Ham.  Karo has made it before and it was incredible.  The lentils still nice and firm, the broth light a almost sweet.
Good boys drink their water.
Dinner was The Staple.  I probably have this meal at least once a week.  Chicken, asparagus and pasta with pesto.  I seriously could eat this 3 times a week and never get sick of it.
I love, love, love this.

All Star Game 7-12

The National League won again, which is the grand scheme of things really only means that the Angels won't have home field advantage in the World Series this year.

Lunch was regrettable, a very bad chicken sandwich at a sub shop that will remain nameless and I'm sparing you pictures.  Dinner on the other hand was All Star Game delicious.  Bratwurst, poached in beer and onions then grilled.  With dill pickles, brown mustard and tomato!
I had tater tots too.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Red Chevy 7-11

Monday.....I figured out the big plan today, but it has little if anything to do with what I eat.  Venti's has amazing food and really cool people and it's part of the plan in a way too, but I just went their for lunch today.
It was better than photographed.
 The Red Chevy Burger was a roasted pepper and goat cheese, get it, burger that was outstanding.  I didn't do it justice with this picture, it really was very good.

Jeanne cooked dinner, so I could run, turkey burritos with lots of avocado!
Damn, I love avocado!
 I've missed a day, Sunday, left over peach chicken and rice for lunch, dinner at my mamasans but I didn't eat very much cuz I had a tummy ache, then went to the Ram later that night to celebrate Mitch's soon to be college room mate Austin's birthday and had fried shrimp, which sealed the tummy ache deal.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mel's Stoves

I bitch constantly about companies like Walmart and Costco and the effects they have on small local businesses. I should complain more about the people that shop there. On my morning 18 mile run I passed Mel's Stove in West Salem. Mel's reader board says, "Now accepting new customers". They were previously NOT accepting new customers? Salem residents, feel free to buy stoves any where you want without me criticizing you.

Breakfast was eggs, hash browns with a little sausage gravy.

After spending some time at the park I "shared" a mini Cappuccino Heath Blizzard from Dairy Queen with Elliott. Ok, I offered some to him but he didn't want any.

Ran by some corn fields, barely knee high today. It's funny, passing a corn field makes me want corn. Passing a dairy doesn't make me want milk.

Dinner was grilled chicken, grilled pineapple, rice and corn salsa.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

June 8 Dinner

Huh, can't edit an existing page from my iPhone app? Dinner was peach chicken over rice with grilled corn. And ice-cream with peaches. I can't wait for good summer fruit. It's not here yet.

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I thought I had a new idea for this blog.  Then I read back over why I started it in the first place and realized it’s the same ish idea.  Maybe with a slight twist.  I’m going to photograph everything I eat and document it for a while.  People still ask me all the time, what I eat.  I’m not even sure.  I know I love to cook and eat and I eat very well.  So now I’ll be able to peruse what goes down my throat daily myself.  If it’s on my plate, you can rest assured it ended up in my belly.  I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve left food on a plate or got a to go box.  I may even photograph seconds, redundancy be damned, if for no other reason than to possibly guilt myself into not taking seconds.  I do sometimes track the calories and nutritional content of my food, but I won’t bother with that here.  Here will just be pictures, descriptions and locations if pertinent.  I may occasionally wax philosophical, but that’s not guaranteed.  I still don’t like the lighting in my kitchen.  The light through the north window of the dining area is very nice and this time of year, I should be done eating before it’s dark out.  I’m not sure how long I’ll keep this up, but I couldn’t think of a meaningful start date or time, so it starts with lunch on July 8, 2011.