Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Red Chevy 7-11

Monday.....I figured out the big plan today, but it has little if anything to do with what I eat.  Venti's has amazing food and really cool people and it's part of the plan in a way too, but I just went their for lunch today.
It was better than photographed.
 The Red Chevy Burger was a roasted pepper and goat cheese, get it, burger that was outstanding.  I didn't do it justice with this picture, it really was very good.

Jeanne cooked dinner, so I could run, turkey burritos with lots of avocado!
Damn, I love avocado!
 I've missed a day, Sunday, left over peach chicken and rice for lunch, dinner at my mamasans but I didn't eat very much cuz I had a tummy ache, then went to the Ram later that night to celebrate Mitch's soon to be college room mate Austin's birthday and had fried shrimp, which sealed the tummy ache deal.

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