Thursday, November 11, 2010

What Chris Eats, and Why

Peach Muffin
 The only thing people ask me more than where I ran, was what food I’ve eaten, cooked and/or found lately.  I take pictures of a lot of things I cook, and/or order in restaurants.  And so, the other day I was reading a thread on Ultralist about why people blog and one of the many reasons runners gave for why they blog is some sense of accountability.  I’m not sure that’s why I blog about running but it would be a great reason to blog about cooking and eating.  See, I like the idea of supporting local products and restaurants, and I do a pretty good job of it, but I’d do a better job if I blogged about it.  I cook and eat pretty healthy, because of, or in spite of my calorie needs but I do a better job of this if I blogged about it.  And, I eat and cook everyday.  Big running events are only every so often and I can’t get excited about writing “5 mile loop with hills, 41 minutes, sure is tough getting used to running in the dark” which would have been yesterdays run entry if I cared to write it.  However, “Made a huge pot of chili last night and a pan of corn bread.  That’s the way to fight back at the first really cold night of the oncoming winter” with pictures is worth getting excited about.

Huge pot of chili.
...and corn bread.
 Then I started thinking about the others positives that could come from this.  I’m a photographer, that doesn’t own a camera.  Yeah, it’s as weird as it sounds and almost as complicated.  I think the camera in my iPhone is amazing.  But it has it’s limitations.  I actually have a really cool little Lumix point and shoot camera that I rarely use, but could.  If I get frustrated enough with pictures on my blog not doing my food justice, it might just motivate me to get a new camera like the Nikon D700.  Another positive, is I might finally dig in a bit and figure out the best app to use to post blogs from my iPhone.  I’ve looked into it a few times but my short attention span ran out before I reached a conclusion.  So, since I’m downloading last nights chili pictures from my iPhone anyway, I’ll grab a few of the Best Ofs, from the past year too!

Smoked tri tip with mango salsa and mango sangria.

Tomato Bisque and delicious Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Venti's
I don't remember what Jewelia called it, but it was beautiful and delicious, from Alcyone

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